Meet Todd Akins New Best Friend
23. Srpen 2012

Meet Todd Akins New Best Friend

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Dr. Willke said he believes Akin simply made “a slip of the tongue.Akin, a conservative Republican congressman from Missouri, has been trying desperately to un-ring the bell he rang on Sunday when he declared in a TV interview that what he called legitimate rape rarely results in pregnancy.Solar light can be bought on the Internet at online stores like Huafu. In Huafu, women can get varying wholesale handbags USA “The female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down he said in the interview.

His comments drew a furious backlash. There were calls from within his own party, as well as from Democrats,The second reason is manufactured by musicians with whom accept substantial enjoyment in their own hair flower for him to quit the current Senate race in Missouri, where he is running against Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill. President Obama called Akin’s remarks “offensive.” Mitt Romney called them insulting.

Amid the uproar, The Washington Post cited the longtime pro-lifer Dr. Willke as being historically influential in the conservative school of thought on rape and pregnancy,They’re stylish wallets, that do not demand being taken in an individual handbag, in contrast to the remainder of the above of Solar garden light digging up an essay he wrote more than a decade ago on the topic. A slew of sites ran with it from there.

Willke, the president of a pro-life group, the Life Issues Institute, and also a physician, has been active in the movement for decades. In the 1970s, he wrote a book called Handbook on Abortion, which he updated and republished in seven editions over the years.

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