Polarization of two different models
2. Prosinec 2011

The movie industry has been fighting to maintain its existing business in the face of the threat from digital distribution and is trying to maintain scarcity by controlling the timing of blockbuster releases to other services.

“What you are actually seeing in the movie space is the polarization of two different models,” he said. Whereas the subscription services used to have a mix of new old titles, he said, now they are being pushed into much older titles.”

Tesco’s move is not the first service to give the purchaser of a physical product access to a so-called digital locker. The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem—a cross-industry consortium consisting of more than 75 companies, including movie studios, technology providers, consumer device makers, entertainment retailers and video service providers—is also launching its own service, Ultraviolet, into the U.K..Mr. Comish said the Tesco deal was not a rival to Ultraviolet and that Blinkbox would be launching an Ultraviolet compatible service in 2012.

At launch, Tesco is only offering around 30 titles although Mr. Comish is promising more will be added very shortly. Customers must use their Tesco Clubcard when they buy the DVD; that Clubcard linked to a Blinkbox account. All eligible movies bought from Tesco will appear in their Blinkbox account.

Mr. Comish said they had signed four-of-the-six major studios, and deals with Universal and Fox would be forthcoming.

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