New customization features
26. Říjen 2011

New customization features, including Brightcove Experience Markup Language (BEML) support for HTML5, ensure video experiences play appropriately and gracefully handle situations where unsupported custom components cannot successfully render in an HTML5 video player. Customers can also use the Universal Player API and existing Media APIs to create custom experiences and playlists Can Netflix Regain Lost Ground?

Additionally, the Video Cloud Smart Player enables Google’s DoubleClick ad management technology to serve ads to Brightcove customers for both HTML5 and Adobe(R) Flash(R), regardless of the device or operating system version a consumer is using to access the content. Customers will be able to ensure the reliability of their advertising policies and monetization initiatives across Flash and HTML5 video experiences, while also taking advantage of the expanded reach to consumers on popular smartphone and tablet devices.

“Google believes in the growing importance and evolution of HTML5 to enable distribution across multiple devices and browsers,” says Rany Ng, group product manager at Google. “We’re particularly excited to partner with Brightcove to offer an integrated and efficient HTML5 video monetization experience for publishers. This is one of the many areas where Google is investing to help publishers deliver more engaging advertising experiences and increase the value of their video content.”

For more information on Brightcove’s HTML5 video solutions, visit the Brightcove Learning Center HTML5 video page. Brightcove will also be hosting a special webinar, “What You Need to Know About HTML5 Video Performance and Compatibility” on November 2nd where you can learn more about the new features announced today and the company’s overall HTML5 video strategy.

Can Netflix Regain Lost Ground?
21. Říjen 2011

At Netflix (NFLX), new hires are drilled in Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings’ guiding principles. Avoid “barnacles” that can slow down a fast-growing business, Hastings advises newcomers. Make tough decisions without agonizing and focus on great results rather than process, go his dictums, which are posted on the video service’s corporate site.

Analyst cuts Netflix estimate, citing brand damage, who founded Netflix in 1997, is learning the limits of his shoot-first credo. His attempt to navigate away from DVDs-by-mail and toward online movies and television shows resulted in a series of poorly explained pricing and service changes, announced by Hastings on the Netflix blog, that alienated customers and Wall Street.

Besides becoming the butt of late-night TV hosts’ jokes, the company may have lost as many as 600,000 of its 24.6 million U.S. customers since July, estimates Darren Aftahi, an analyst with Northland Capital Markets. The extent of the damage should be revealed on Oct. 24, when the company announces earnings and subscriber numbers that will show how many customers have fled. “Moving forward step by step, despite the foot with the bullet hole,” Hastings wrote on his Facebook page in late September after striking a deal to add streaming titles from DreamWorks Animation (DWA), maker of the Shrek movies. He declined to comment.

Hastings might have dodged the bullets had he paid more attention to process and reacted more speedily to his customers’ frustrations, expressed in the thousands of negative comments on the Netflix blog. The miscalculations began in April, when Hastings moved to end a debate within the company over how much of Netflix’s resources should be devoted to the DVD business, as opposed to streaming movies over the Web. Netflix executives expect the DVD business to decline over the next five years. Hastings’ plan, announced at an April staff meeting, was to separate and rename the DVD business Qwikster, according to a former employee. Customers were told in July that they would be charged $7.99 for each, instead of $9.99 for both.

Analyst cuts Netflix estimate, citing brand damage
13. Říjen 2011

Netflix’s recent moves have damaged its brand, and its subscriber growth may slow, said an analyst as he cut his 2012 earnings estimate for the online video and DVD by mail company. Shares fell 5 percent, deepening the stock decline of the past three months.

On Monday Netflix said that it would reverse a decision to separate its DVD-by-mail and Internet streaming services. It would keep the two plans on a single website, rather than adding a new website for DVDs called Qwikster.

Rimage acquires enterprise video communications startup Qumu for $52M.The about face by Netflix means that people will be able to use both services under one account and one password. But the company is sticking to new pricing plans introduced in July, which separated payments for streaming service and mailed DVDs. Prices rose for many subscribers because of the move, and some have already quit the company.

Netflix, which is based in Los Gatos, Calif., had 24.6 million subscribers at the end of June, but it warned last month that it expected a net 600,000 to leave by the end of September because of the price increase.The prospect of Qwikster may have caused more pain.Netflix’s price change and subsequent Qwikster launch did meaningful brand damage that likely reduced subscriber additions and will take time to repair,” said Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest said in a client note.

Rimage acquires enterprise video communications startup Qumu for $52M
11. Říjen 2011

Moving into enterprise video communications, on-demand disk publisher Rimage has agreed to acquire Qumu for $52 million in cash and stock.The deal gives publicly traded Rimage a foothold in the fast-growing video communications market for enterprises. In the deal, Rimage will pick up more than 100 companies as clients in the ranks of the Global 1,000. The deal is expected to close in the next day.Rimage distributes on-demand media on Blu-ray disks, CDs and DVDs. With Qumu, it can also distribute that on-demand content to any mobile or desktop device. For example, Rimage takes video taken by surveillance cameras and publishes it to discs. With this new acquisition, it can publish that video to smartphones or the web as needed.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Video: Did Bane Break The Bat?
, chief executive of Rimage in Minneapolis, said in an interview the Qumu acquisition is a “cornerstone” deal for his company as video communicaitons and social applications become more popular in businesses.

We started an organic effort in this space but found a way to accelerate that with Qumu,” Black said. “We now have a publishing platform that is bigger than any others out there.Qumu helps corporations create, manage, and securely distribute video and related content. Its customers are in the banking, technology, telecommunications, university, and government markets. It sells its products direct to companies as well as through partners Sony and AT&T.

Qumu’s revenue has increased more than 45 percent a year for the past three years. In 2010, it generated $10.3 million in revenue and it is on track to hit $15 million in 2011. The company is targeting $21 million in revenue in 2012. Rimage hopes to take Qumu into new markets faster than Qumu could do on its own. Ray Hood, chief executive of Qumu in San Bruno, Calif., will remain the leader of the Qumu team and become a senior vice president at Rimage. In an interview, Hood said the company operates a federated content delivery network and competes with Cisco, Polycom, Vbrick, Sonic Foundry and others.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Video: Did Bane Break The Bat?
9. Říjen 2011

Another day, another leak from “The Dark Knight Rises” set. After so many spy pictures of cat ears and clandestinely taped videos of Batwings, there doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot that can surprise us… but a new video from the set just might answer a major question about the plot of the final Nolan Batman flick.

Ultimate Matt Hughes DVD delivers the goods.A couple months ago we compiled a list of plot details that hadn’t been spoiled yet, and now it looks like we can strike “How Badly Will Bane Hurt Batman?” off the list. The new video shows a clearly injured Bruce Wayne leaving his Lamborghini and limping with a cane past a group of photo-hungry paparazzi into a party.

Watch the footage for yourself here. As our two astute narrators observe, the hurt.”Ever since Warner Bros. announced Bane as the bad guy of “TDKR,” the biggest question in the air has been whether he’d do some serious damage to the Batman. As those of you who are familiar with Bane from the comics already know, the massive masked man is known first and foremost for breaking Bruce Wayne’s back in “Knightfall.” When Nolan chose Bane for the movie, fan speculation began to grow that he’d borrow the much more intelligent version of the villain and some of the story from “Knightfall.” This seems to be a confirmation of at least some of that.

While walking with a limp doesn’t equate to shattered vertabrea, it’s a clearly a point in the direction that the story is taking. Maybe we’ll see a more vulnerable Wayne than we’ve seen in the movies so far.

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