Ultimate Matt Hughes DVD delivers the goods
21. Září 2011

The UFC officially released their UFC: Ultimate Matt Hughes DVD today and like Hughes himself, it delivers the goods.Owners of the UFC: Bad Blood Liddell vs Ortiz and UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie DVDs will be glad to hear the familiar UFC Primetime format is retained.

While Hughes remains highly respected by fans and colleagues alike, the DVD successfully captures his down-to-earth demeanor and his story.
When people look back and think about Matt Hughes, I just want them to remember I was a fierce competitor, good role model.” - Matt Hughes.

Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment and produced by Pilgrim Films and Television Inc., this two-disc set reminds me of the fact that there are only eight UFC-Hall-of-Famers. Can you name them all without googling?

It’s time for the UFC to give the Hall-of-Fame the 5-star treatment like the WWE does on Wrestlemania weekend. A weekend event to properly induct the men and women who have contributed to the sport. Also a hall-of-fame facility/museum should be in the plans.The UFC simply cannot afford to have fans grow up not knowing who guys like Matt Hughes were. DVDs are great, but not enough.

But, I digress.The picture is formatted for the 16:9 aspect ratio (1.78-1) and holds up well on the 1920 x 1080 HD screen of my MacBook Pro. There are some grainy sequences but like the other DVDs the picture and sound quality is top-notch for the most part. Essentially it follows the winning formula that other DVDs mentioned above used.

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20. Září 2011

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